“All of my life, I have believed that protecting our children, including unborn children, who are the most helpless of all children, is something that all Americans of conscience embrace in the core of our hearts. The solemn charge in the soul of each of us to protect the marginalized and helpless in human society transcends all political boundaries. Protecting the innocent and helpless of all ages and circumstances has been the preeminent commitment in my public life.

“The very founding principle of America is that no matter how small or weak we are, we are all still created equal. The Republican Party should never forget that the principle that gave it birth was a compassion for and commitment to protect a class of human beings the U.S. Supreme Court said was not human. Our devotion to that commitment sustained us in the crucible of a horrible Civil War. If, in the 21st century, the Republican Party should make the tragic mistake of forsaking the defenseless, no measure of success on other fronts can stop our slide into moral and political oblivion.

As we struggle as a people and nation with this issue, we must ask the most central and vital question. Does abortion take an innocent human life? If we answer honestly, our conscience will tell us that there are two different individuals who are most affected by abortion. There is a human mother, and there is a human baby. Both are priceless members of our human family, both of them should be protected. Very openly and honestly, I will do all I possibly can to protect them both.

Congressman Franks served as Republican Co-Chair of the Pro-Life Caucus in Congress, and his committed work to diligently defend the innocent and protect the vulnerable is legendary. He played a vital role in the appointment and confirmation of Supreme Court justices who overturned Roe versus Wade.