Congressman Franks was considered and named by many to be the most pro-Israel member of Congress. As Chairman of the Missile Defense Caucus and the Chairman of the Israel Allies Caucus, Trent was a foremost advocate of the cooperation between America and Israel to develop and enhance the Arrow Three, David’s Sling, and Iron Dome missile defense systems which protect Israel and inform advances in our own missile defense capabilities in America.

I believe the peace and security of America and, indeed, the world is intrinsically related to the peace and security of Israel. I will continue to relentlessly advocate on behalf of Israel and America’s partnership with Israel.

When woke lunatics in our ostensibly most prestigious universities arrogantly and mindlessly demonstrate in favor of the hellishly evil monsters of Hamas while hurling vicious, anti-Semitic insults and worse toward Jews, a noble people who have suffered more heartless persecution than any people on earth in history, it is truly late in the day for America.